Ringtone Charlie Puth – That’s Hilarious

May 5, 2022

Charlie Puth – That’s Hilarious

Look how all the tables
Look how all the tables have turned
Guess you're finally realizin' how bad you messed it up
Girl, you're only makin'
Girl, you're only makin' it worse
When you call like you always do when you want someone
You took away a year
Of my fuckin' life and I can't get it back no more
So when I see those tears
Comin' out your eyes, I hope it's me they're for
You didn't love when you had me
But now you need me so badly
You can't be serious
That's hilarious
Thinkin' I would still want you
After the things you put me through
Yeah, you're delirious
That's hilarious